Hundreds of vacant buildings now installed. 1,500 windows and 1,500 handmade frames. Four crews – three contracting crews, one battery installation/swap crew. Two fabrication shops – one for frames, one for control panels. Today we have reached a project milestone with almost 90% of our installation in vacant buildings complete. Right now, the lights lay dormant until we go live Sept. 30th.


This herculean effort could not have been possible without our dedicated local contractors, who have become more than hired hands but true partners on the ground as we navigate these forgotten spaces. They have climbed three story ladders in buildings without stoops or internal stairs. Navigated knee high pigeon poop. Stepped through rotting floors. Helped patch holes in neighbors’ buildings. Found evidence of individuals leaving homes in great haste and perhaps tragedy. Seen nature reclaiming neglected buildings. And most importantly, talked to residents about our project, listened to their questions and passed along their excitement. We look forward to introducing our contractors and telling their stories in weeks to come. Stay tuned for individual profiles and their stunning pictures from these vacant spaces.